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The Latest

KATE THE GREAT: EXCEPT WHEN SHE'S NOT now on GREAT shelves everywhere!

The first in my Kate the Great series (illustrated novels for 8-12 year olds, Crown Books for Kids) is out! According to Lincoln Peirce (author of the bestselling Big Nate series), "She's funny. Quirky. Original. Kate's the greatest!"

According to Publishers Weekly, "Becker does an excellent job of channeling the behind-adults’-backs humor and friendship frustrations of the middle-school crowd, and Kate’s doodles provide extra sass to this promising series launch."

According to Audrey (age 11), "I will be first in line for the sequel." I'm working on it! And, check out my new "Building Great (like Kate) Characters" workshop for Grades 3 - 6. Thanks for stopping by!

updated: 6 months ago