Suzy Becker started cartooning when she was 7. At 16, she won the Daytona Beach Chamber of Commerce's logo design contest. Her Percy the Pelican was recast as Sunny the Seagull and his racing regalia was traded in for beach togs, but she still got a free trip out of it.

Her cartoons have since been commissioned by Mademoiselle, Funny Times, the Boston Globe, SEED Magazine, Grist.org*, World Wildlife Fund, The National Audubon Society, American Museum of Natural History and the Environmental Defense Fund. Suzy Becker's work has also been exhibited in solo and group shows throughout New England and New York, and it is part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art.

For commissions and permissions or to purchase reprints or originals, please contact Suzy directly.

*Hundreds of Suzy Becker's environmental cartoons are archived at grist.org.

updated: 11 years ago